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Dear Friends of BSC,

We would like to report that full access BSC tickets are SOLD OUT as of 12:04 pm today, December 3, 2018. As conference planners, we are thrilled that so many schools will be joining us for this conference! We look forward to sharing what we’ve been working on, and we’re also heartened by the high level of engagement that we’ve heard from schools all across the nation. Additionally, we would like to note that 100 overflow registration tickets will go on sale on Monday, January 7th, at 12:00pm EST. These tickets will grant access to everything at the conference except for the Keynote address.

Currently BSC is experiencing an unprecedented spike in demand, support, and enthusiasm, all of which we deeply appreciate. In past years, tickets have sold out in days or hours, however, this year the vast majority of tickets have been sold in a matter of minutes. Our regular registration tickets sold out in less than 15 minutes, and our late registration tickets sold out in less than 5. Again we are overjoyed at this level of engagement and desire to attend BSC 2019, but we also understand that this has created two issues: some schools are being put at a disadvantage due to their inability to secure funds in time to compete for tickets alongside the fact that many schools and students put in significant time preparing for BSC in various ways but were still unable to secure tickets for this years conference. We understand this can be extremely frustrating for who faced these issues and subsequently experienced difficulties gaining access to the conference. We are currently pursuing remedies for these problems that we hope to implement for the 25th Annual Black Solidarity Conference in 2020. That said, we are still very excited about the level of interest that we have received, and we are looking forward to a great conference in February!

In Solidarity,

BSC 2019

Now presenting our BSC 2019 Theme:

"Still I rise: Navigating Collective Black Trauma and Resilience”

This year, BSC will address mental health in the black community by exploring the causes of historical and contemporary traumas. The conference will focus on different forms of self-care, self-preservation, and survival tactics through the discussion of topics including resilience based in community, spirituality, and art. Together, we will strive to collectively process and prosper. 


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