thursday night

Hbo documentary screening

Join sponsor HBO for a screening of their American Black Film Festival (ABFF) short film, “Moths and Butterflies” Click here to see the film’s website and a mini-trailer.

Friday morning

Feeding the Soul: Spirituality's Place in Mental Health

Join Reverend Teddy Reeves of the National Museum of African American History and Culture, Dr. Shera’ McMillan Watkins of Sister W.E.L.L.S., and Candice Marie Benbow in a discussion concerning the intersection of spirituality, mental health, and Black American identity. We will discuss how spirituality is approached both by society and individually, and how it can affect the maintenance of mental health.

Your Hustle, Your Wellness and You

True success requires connection to purpose and alignment with one's gifts. Being in touch with who we are and knowing our strengths, as well as our weaknesses, is not just about mental health, but also about shaping a life and career that works for you. And yes, money matters, too and that's real. This conversation will be about finding that sweet spot of passion, ability, income and wellness.

Mixed Race Voices

“What are you?” “But you’re not, like, really Black.” Many people who identify as multiracial, biracial, and/or mixed race have heard, and continue to hear statements like this everyday. Being mixed race can come with its own set of privileges, discrimination, and experiences that can affect mental health and health treatment, as will be discussed by mixed race studies professors Dr. Curtiss Takada Rooks and Dr. Kimberly DaCosta.

Bassey Ikpi: A Performance

Join spoken word artist, author, and activist Bassey Ikpi for student performances of spoken word and a discussion about using creative writing to heal trauma and engage with mental illness.

friday afternoon

Political Mobilization in the Age of #BLM

What does it mean to organize in the fraught climate that surrounds activism? Panelists including a legislation writer, a community organizer, a partner of the Obama Foundation, and a state representative will discuss their experiences with political mobilization and how they have navigated race in the context of bringing about lasting change.

Free Yourself From Mental Slavery

Often, anxiety and chronic racial stress prevent us from becoming or performing our best, and embodying this stress over long periods of time is shown to have even worse effects on our health and wellness. In this combined talk and workshop, world-renown psychologist Dr. Cheryl Grills will provide participants with methods to calm down, refocus, and take charge during periods of high stress situations, providing the key to taking back our minds and our lives from the constant assault of racialized stress.

Building the Black Home and Family

The home and family--and one’s relationship to them--can have a large bearing on one’s mental health. Join this conversation with Doula Efe Osaren, Professor Riana Eylse Anderson and Counselor Ashley McGirt on to discuss how race, gender, sexuality, and family play a part in the formation of these ties and how to navigate these intersections in your own life.

Product of Your Environment

Columbia professor and environmental justice leader Diana Hernandez states “our home is where we launch our lives from on a daily basis.” When the foundation that we have built our homes upon is laced with racial and financial discrimination, how does this affect our emotional state? Come learn about the impacts of policy and place-based interventions on the mental health and socioeconomic well-being of vulnerable populations.

saturday morning

Eat Healthy, Not White: Nutrition for Black Students

In the age of quinoa and paleo diets, it can feel challenging to reconcile eating a healthy and balanced diet without paying $500 a week in groceries at Whole Foods. Including live demonstrations (and free samples) of alternative and delicious healthy snacks, this panel will feature nutritionists Charmaine Jones and Adrian Miller, who will be discussing ways to manage nutrition in a high stress environment such as college...without giving up the soul food.

Fitness w/ Fran

Whether you work out for your own personal fitness goals, to clear your mind, or to fine tune your Spring Break 2k19 body, staying active is an essential part of wellness. Join Fran for a resilience yoga session that will not only strengthen your body but also your mind. Please bring a yoga mat or towel for this event!

Good Enough with Nathan Zed

How do you know whether you are “enough”? Is it based on how many likes your Instagram pictures get, how many people retweeted your last tweet, or whether you’re better than the person whose posts you’re liking and retweeting? Join Youtuber Nathan Zed as he advises his followers that you’re enough when you “accept yourself as enough” while sharing his experience with self-confidence and mental health as an Internet star.

Art + Affirmation

Join various visual and performance artists to discuss art as a medium for expressing and coping with trauma and to share, create, review, and produce your own art in this interactive workshop.

Saturday afternoon

Coping Mechanisms in Digital Age: From #PermitPatty to #survivingRKelly

In the span of five minutes, a timeline can go from showing hashtags of #blackboyjoy and #melaninmonroe to watching videos of police brutality and hearing stories of sexual assault. In the span of five minutes on the Internet, the black community can be both uplifted and degraded. Mental health advocates and counselors, Enroue Halfkenny, Freda Grant, and Jasmine Pierre, discuss ways to navigate the highs and lows of the Internet while still maintaining mental wellness.

Black Bodies, White Healthcare

In our first event designed for pre-med, pre-health, and pre-professional students, panelists from every aspect of the healthcare industry (research, entrepreneurship, public health, and practitioner) will discuss the challenges of navigating America’s healthcare system, particularly in advocating and treating Black patients. We also look forward to discussing how to dismantle racist systems of diagnosis and care within the healthcare system.

Black Feminism and Black Love with Rachel Cargle

With over 17.5k Instagram followers, a sold out lecture tour, and publications in Harper’s Bazaar, Rachel Cargle has cracked the code to teaching and writing activism, particularly in engaging with White women “allies.” Rachel will be discussing strategies and challenges regarding engage a wider community in intersectional, POC-centric feminism, and how to create and cultivate self-love in the process.

Corporate Events:

3 pm-4:30 pm Saturday

Rocket Mortgage by quicken loans: I Rise-Navigating through Adversity

Join corporate sponsor Rocket Mortgage by Quicken Loans for an event about perseverance. This talk will feature Vice President of Talent Development KimArie Yowell!

Jopwell’s let them see you with porter braswell

Learn about Jopwell's co-Founder and CEO, Porter Braswell Y'11, and his latest book, Let Them See You (LTSY), an interactive advice-driven guide for professionals of color. LTSY shares tips for workplace challenges to help readers be successful while still being their authentic selves at work. Come see us at 3PM in Linsly-Chittenden Hall. The first 20 RSVPs will receive a FREE copy of LTSY. See full flyer here! RSVP here or using this link:

stevefund: Approach to design thinking

Click here to see the full flyer for the event. RSVP here!


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