Frequently Asked Questions

+ What is the Black Solidarity Conference?

The Black Solidarity Conference (BSC) is an annual conference that seeks to unite undergraduates of Color to discuss issues pertaining to the African Diaspora. Through discussions, panels, networking, and social gatherings, over 700 students from across the country analyze issues affecting our community and explore solutions to undertake at their respective college campuses. We are the largest conference at Yale University, and we are entirely student run. The Conference is hosted annually in February at Yale University in New Haven, CT by the BSC Executive Board.

+ When will the 25th Annual Black Solidarity Conference begin?

The 25th Annual Black Solidarity Conference will be held at Yale University from January 31st to February 2nd, 2020. Sign up for our newsletter to find out when you can register for BSC 2020 Updates about specific times and more information coming soon!

+ Where will the events be held?

All of the events will take place in various spaces on and around Yale's campus. Our central location for much of conference will be the Afro-American Cultural Center at 211 Park Street, though panels and workshops take place in other locations. More details regarding specific spaces will be announced as we solidify our schedule!

+ How much does the conference cost to attend?

This year's prices are listed on the Registration page of the website! There are four registration periods - early bird, regular, late, and overflow registration (which would not include admisison to the Keynote dinner). Sign up for our newsletter to find out when you can register for BSC 2020!] 3 You'll be hearing from us soon about BSC 2020 pricing. Many student groups receive funding from their school to attend. New to this process? Contact us if you have questions about organizing your own group to attend BSC 2020. Please note that all payments are final, and refunds will not be given. The cost of BSC does not include hotel housing if you choose to stay off-campus.

+ Where can we sleep throughout the conference?

Yale Housing: Individuals will be placed with Yale Students in dorms, most of whom are also attending the conference. Listed below are a few things to note about Yale Housing:

  • There will be roughly 3-4 participants in each room on average, depending on the size of the room.
  • Many students do have futons and couches, but come prepared with sleeping bags and blankets!
  • We do our best to accommodate group housing requests, but cannot make any promises.

Hotel Housing: Individuals or groups can stay at the Courtyard Marriott at Yale, a 5-minute walk from many BSC events. BSC is not responsible for any individual or group's hotel reservations or hotel fees. These costs must be covered by your own group and you must book your own hotel rooms before conference begins. The two options for rooms are two queen beds or one king bed. For this option, you must contact the Hotel Marriott and mention that you are apart of the Black Solidarity Conference. We recommend you contact Stacey Lisborg at (203) 654-2405. Stacey will set up a contract for your group. You will need a valid credit card, contact information for your school, and a school chaperone.

The other hotel option is the New Haven Hotel, also located in downtown New Haven. Once again, the individual or group is responsible for reserving and paying for rooms at the New Haven Hotel before the conference begins. For booking this option, contact the New Haven Hotel and mention that you are a part of the Black Solidarity Conference. We recommend contacting Iswonette Bernard at (203)498-3142. Iswonette will set up your group with a contract, given you are prepared with a valid credit card, contact information, and a chaperone.

IMPORTANT: If your school wants hotel housing at the Marriott or the New Haven Hotel, you'll need a chaperone (a non-undergraduate adult over the age of 21) to accompany your group. If you don't have a chaperone, your group will be required to deposit $250 at the Marriott. This deposit will be returned upon checkout on Sunday (if there are no damages or noise complaints). If there are damages or noise complaints, then your institution will be banned from BSC indefinitely.

Besides the Marriott, groups may opt to stay in other hotels around New Haven! La Quinta is often a popular choice, as is the Omni Hotel. Look around for the best rates but also be aware of the distance from the hotel to Yale's campus.

+ How do I register a group?

Register through Eventbrite! Early registration opens from Oct. 21th to Nov. 4th, 2019. Be sure to catch early registration! Regular registration ends Nov. 25th, 2019. Late registration ends Dec 16th, 2019. Overflow Registration ends Jan 20th, 2020.

  1. Go to the BSC registration page, create (or join) a group, and select the number of tickets you would like to purchase
  2. Enter the ticket purchaser's information and the information for all attendees. If you are not yet sure exactly who will be attending, enter the same information for all attendees and edit it after you've registered.
  3. Purchase your tickets!

+ How do I register if I'm sending a check?

If you're sending a check, you must register on the Eventbrite and postmark your check before the appropriate registration deadline. As you register, there will be a link for "other payment options" - simply select "Pay By Check." Please note that if your check isn't postmarked by the registration deadline your online registration will be voided, so send your checks in on time!

Checks should be made payable to The Black Solidarity Conference at Yale, and mailed to 67 High Street, New Haven, CT 06511, Attention: Black Solidarity Conference.

+ Can our group's members register seperately and still receive a group rate?

Yes, however the process is more complicated than the process for purchasing all tickets in one transaction. If you're interested in paying seperately as a group, please read and fill out this form thoroughly at least three days before the registration period deadline (only one form required per group). Please be aware that registering in this manner is much more restrictive than registering as a group, and that the following pieces of information are required in order to submit the request form.

  1. Name and contact information of the group leader (Point of contact for the group before and throughout the conference. Preferably a student)
  2. Name and contact information (phone number, .edu email address) for all participants signing up as a member of the group in a sharable link format (Google sheets, docs, etc)
  3. Ticket type

Note: All participants who will be registering with your group must do so by the appropriate registration deadline in order to take advantage of the group rate. If registering with rates for a group larger than 15 people, if only 14 participants register by the deadline the group leader will be held responsible for difference in rate for all 14 registered participants

+ Where can we buy official clothing for the conference?

BSC 2020 Apparel Updates are Coming Soon! Sign up for our newsletter to find out more.

+ Who should I contact?

Please email for speakers and business inquiries. For Housing & Outreach concerns, contact For corporate, email