BSC Packing List:

For those in Yale Housing:

  1. Sleeping gear!  Most dorms do not have additional beds or elevated surfaces on which you can sleep, so please come prepared with your own blankets and pillows.

For all conference attendees:

  1. SOAP, other toiletries, towels

  2. A toothbrush and some mouthwash :) Funky breath is not conducive for the enriching conversations you’re about to be having.

  3. Bring a reusable water-bottle to help decrease BSC's environmental footprint.

  4. New Haven in February is cold so be sure to bring jackets, gloves and hats.

  5. We understand you might need to serve a look, and we can’t wait to see you slay, but space is limited, so we ask that you keep your belongings to a minimum. Duffels and backpacks are great; small suitcases work.

  6. Black formal attire for the keynote dinner (& optional change of clothes for the after party!)

  7. Professional clothing and resume for the career fair. Some of our sponsors may offer onsite internship and post-graduate interviews!

  8. Something to write with - you never know when you'll get inspired!

  9. Make sure you download the free Whova app on your phone to get conference updates and information.

  10. Extra $$$ for food and trinkets.

  11. PLEASE do not forget to bring all the energy and vision as we strategize and plant seeds. Excited to get to work.