Opportunities to Win

During BSC 2019, we are excited to share a variety of ways to win some cool prizes and awards and attend special events during the conference! See below for ways to increase your odds and get involved in new ways this year! 

All winners will be announced at the Keynote Dinner and will receive their prize then. If not present, then we will contact the winner after the conference to make arrangements. 


Coffee Chats with Wake Forest University Business School

Talk with a representative from WFU to explore opportunities at their school as well as inside advice on applying to business school. If you're considering business or grad school, then come get personal face time and perspective from professionals! All that attend a coffee chat will receive a grand prize raffle ticket (see below). Sign up here!


Interviews with mastercard

Take this amazing opportunity to interview with one of the premier financial services companies in the world! All participants are welcome to sign up here for one-on-one time to talk about potential for internships and jobs. All that attend a one-on-one interviews will also receive a raffle to enter our grand prize raffle ticket (see below) Representatives from MasterCard are excited to meet you! Sign up here!


Lunch with staceyann chin

Before her workshop on Friday afternoon, poet and activist Staceyann Chin would love to have lunch with a group of students from our conference! If you consider yourself an activist, survivor, and/or are a fan of her work, then sign up for a lunch with Staceyann and get the chance to talk to her in a small group setting. Lunch will be courtesy of BSC. Sign up here!

BSC Talent Show

Join a time-honored BSC tradition and perform at our conference talent show and open mic night! In a room of peers and participants, you'll get the chance to share your talents and gain extra entry into raffles. Sign up here!

Essay contest

Please write an essay of 500 words or less responding to the following prompt. Please include a title.

We live in a world where many social issues manifest themselves according to multiple factors, including gender, sexuality, and race. Describe a contemporary social issue you see as intertwined with two or more of these factors. Explain how it affects the black community on an individual, group, and/or institutional level. Please use examples from current events, history, and your personal life as you see fit.

Submit here! Submissions end on February 5th.


Campus Activist Award

Please nominate one student attending the 2019 Black Solidarity Conference who has contributed significantly to campus activism, discussion, and education surrounding the intersections of blackness, sexuality, and gender identity. In your nomination, please include personal experiences with the nominee, and the nominee’s past accomplishments.

Form will request:

Name, email, phone number, year, school

Nominee’s name, email, phone number, year, school

Nomination (300-500 words)

Submit here! Submissions end on February 5th.

live through this image.jpg

General Raffle

Tickets to enter this year's raffle will be given out at random events throughout conference, so show up early and often to increase your odds of winning!

**To enter, attendees must be following our social media accounts. Links are at the bottom of this page!**

Some of the prizes include:

-A signed copy of Live Through This: Surviving the Intersections of Sexuality, God and Race, by Clay Cane

-Visa Gift Card

-Art from featured speakers

-BSC memorabilia

Grand Prize Raffle


Our Grand Prize this year will be a specially engraved BSC iPad! The entry requirements for this raffle are as follows: At registration, attendees will receive a an index card featuring the company names of this year's sponsors. After speaking with a company representative at the career fair, they will sign the appropriate space on the card. Before leaving the career fair, be sure to find a BSC Board member to check your fully-signed index card and issue you a ticket for this raffle.

**To enter, attendees must be following our social media accounts. Links are at the bottom of this page!**